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  April 2019

Revamp op the Antwerp Datacenter building

The last couple of years we mainly worked on the engine of the datacenter. Adding an extra UPS, a couple of gen sets, a lot of cooling units, training our staff and adding new colocation areas.

All those relate to the inside of the heart of the datacenter... our engine to say this metaphoric. So we can bluntly say we have been tuning our engine so it runs like a charm.

So in 2019 another project was launched. Executing a revamp op the Antwerp Datacenter looks of the building. Making sure the body of our car reflects our roaring Ferrari engine on the inside...

  March 2019

Antwerp Data Connectivity Day !

Antwerp Datacenter and Arcadiz teamed up recently to host a workshop on Thursday 28 March 2019 on secure connectivity suiting the specific connectivity and datacenter needs of the business.

In a morning and afternoon session we had 25 attendees from various small and major companies.

Besides the technical briefings by Arcadiz experts, attendees were able to enjoy hands-on demos and discover how Arcadiz and Antwerp Datacenter complement each other to serve connectivity and datacenter needs in the Antwerp region and elsewhere.

The following key topics were covered:

  • Managed connectivity services on the Arcadiz backbone reaching attendees locations

  • Secure and Low-Latency access to Antwerp DC and its cloud services

  • Next generation DCI and DC switching solutions within Antwerp DC

  • A Datacenter tour was included in each session

  February 2019

Install of new corridor in Brussels Datacenter

To support the continuous growth, a new colocation room has been set-up in our Brussels Datacenter.

This area will be added to the existing shared space for our customers.

Room has been prepared for 16 colocation racks of various dimensions.

The area has been installed using the very efficient way of cooling by means of a cold corridor. In this situation the cold air is blown under the raised floor. Each rack has been foreseen with 2x 32 Amps breakers to support your power needs, now and also in the future.

  January 2019

Gartner predicts: European datacenters may double in 5 years

Looking at the absolute growth in periods of five years, we see more than doubling in size in all areas towards 2023. AI and cloud are the major drivers of growth of digital infrastructure. The rise of IoT, in terms of the amount of connected devices, and the ever increasing data use leads to demand of faster networks, edge computing, growing super hubs and larger hyperscales.

Lower latency, better proximity, distributed computing and tighter security are key to serve the digital transformation which is becoming the number one driver of our global economy.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, a whopping 80% of all enterprises will shut down their traditional inhouse and on-premise data centers. They see that currently, 10% of organizations already have done this.

Current and future workloads will be based on business reasons (e.g., customer engagement, GDPR-regulations) and not on technology reasons. Because of this shift, enterprises increasingly decide to move their on-premise activities to data centers. One of the focus points for colocation is sustainability. We need to look ahead and further improve our efficiency. Additionally, further efforts need to be made to reuse data center waste heat.

  December 2018

Install of new generator in Brussels Datacenter

A few months ago we started with the works for the install of a 2nd generator in Brussels DC. With this secondary generator we increase the reliability of the system. It helps to ensure 100% uptime for all critical applications.

First step: Preparation of the location A concrete slab had been prepared a few months ago. The slab has a size of 9850mm x 4150mm and a depth of 400mm (concrete was a C35 mix)

Second step: Transport A 10-ton crane picked the generator up in ADC and transported it to BDC (the total weight of the generator and container was 8.5 ton) Generator specs: Brand - Caterpillar Model - 900F Rated Power (prime) - 810.0 KVA, 648 kW Rated Voltage - 400/230v Phase - 3 Rated frequency - 50 hz Rated current - 1169 A Rated R.P.M - 1500 Generator - 9RW04197 Generator connection - S-STAR

Third step: Connect the new gen set to the current infrastructure The final and last step is still on-going. Within a short period of time we will finalize the works so we can bring the gen set up and running and connected to the power boards.

  November 2018

Antwerp and Brussels Datacenter not in outage plan

As you have probably heard in the news the Belgian government has worked out an outage plan in order to guarantee the continuous supply of electricity during cold winter times.

You can rest assured that both the locations of Brussels DC (Zaventem) and Antwerp DC are not listed in the outage plan of the government.

Besides our physical geographical location our datacenters are also built to deal with the unlikely event of a power shortage. Grid power available or not, our infrastructure has been installed to make sure we can guarantee the 99,999% uptime on power and cooling at all times.

We currently have 10.500 liters of fuel on site and have more than 3.400 kVa generators in standby. Taken in account our business load as well as our IT load we can guarantee a generator running time of more than 72 hours. And of course we have contracts with two independent fuel suppliers to guarantee a refill within 4 hours of notification.

  October 2018

Our renewed ISAE3401 Type I certification

Antwerp and Brussels DC have successfully renewed the ISAE3401 Type I certificate. With this certificate all policies and procedures have been tested by an external 3rd party. The ISAE3401 audit Type II is also scheduled for mid-December of this year .

Both our Data Centers are supported by the ISO 27001, ISAE3402 and PCI DSS certifications. If you would like a copy of those certificates, we will send you a copy on your first request.

You can rest assure your date is safe with us.

  September 2018

Our team is expanding

Another technical person with a broad range of experience on both the electrical as HVAC segment joined the technical crew. Leroy will be active in both Antwerp and Brussels as a full-time site engineer. We sincerely welcome Leroy to strengthen the team. Good luck with your new job!

  August 2018

Antwerp Datacenter extra cooling system

The amount of moisture contained in the air used to cool IT equipment can help ensure its availability or lead directly to its failure.

Effective humidity control in the IT environment is most effectively applied as part of an overall IT environment strategy involving optimization of air management, IT load planning, and infiltration minimization.

With this air group installation we ensure the addition of fresh air in all our rooms in the data center. He also ensures the maintenance of the moisture content in our nodes, which is mandatory by our SLA.

  July 2018

Extra generator in Brussels Datacenter

Preparations has started for the install of an extra generator in the Brussesl DC facilities First step of the works consists of preparation for the concrete slab. Taking in account the weight of the generator the concrete slab must take on a weight of at least 8 tonnes.

The generator itself has already been delivered waiting to be shipped. The gen set itself is a Caterpillar gen set which has been installed in a container to minimize the noise and protect the machine from the elements.

After the finalization of the concrete slab the container will be moved to his final location.

With the install of a 2nd generator we will have a redundant solution on gen set level besides the connection for a 3rd generator.

  June 2018

Antwerp Datacenter Power room and Carrier room new cooling.

Everywhere where heat is produced, cooling and air conditioning are crucial. We strive for optimum energy efficiency by using a combination of different air conditioning and cool techniques.

To increase our redundancy in our Datacenter carrier room we have added a DX unit with a cooling capacity of 8.5kW. We now have a system on ice water and a system on DX cooling, which is also fed separately. DX cooling via A feed, ice water via B-Feed.- according to our Senior Site Engineer Datacenter United

  May 2018

Syntra visits Antwerp Datacenter

March 27th we welcomed for the seccond time the highly motivated students from Syntra.

At first some theory to start with. All attended a presentation explaining what a datacenter is and it's role in the economy.

Followed by a datacenter tour to check out our state of the art power, cooling and security infrastructure needed to achieve our high SLA of 99,999% uptime towards our customers.

Who is Syntra?

The SYNTRA network ensures and promotes a quality, innovative, labour market-oriented competence development of young people and adults aimed at more and stronger entrepreneurship in Flanders.

As always, thank you for choosing DataCenter United!

  APRIL 2018

Start of DataCenter United Blog

We are pleased to introduce the company blog. It's focused on the customer, listening to the existing issues and challenges, and finally meeting those challenges with products, services, and resources unmatched in quality and functionality.

Take a moment to discover the Blog articles from our Managing Director about "Data centres and GDPR the ideal combination" and "Data centres are absolutely essential in our digital economy". You will get some insight information and a glimpse of the future in datacenters.

Future blogs can be found at the following URL :

We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. We'll do all we can to make your Blog experience positive.

  MARCH 2018

Team expanding

Another technical Site Engineer joined our team.

We welcome aboard Carey as a new team member.

To support the continuous growth of the company another person joined our technical team.

We are all confident that Carey will take on his new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm

and professionalism he has shown so far.

Welcome Carey and good luck with your new job!

  APRIL 2017


To support the continuous growht of bandwith demand of our customers there are three carriers joining Datacenter United.

Orange, Eandis and Arcadiz Telecom are important partners for our current customer base and towards new customers. We are delighted to be able to offer their services to our clients. The three carriers will be operation at the end of June 2017.

If you require information or a quote don't hesitate to contact us. We will bring you in direct contact with them.

Company websites:
Orange Telecom
Arcadiz Telecom



Quality of service is one of our core values. Therefore every Engineer had to pass the exam of Certified Data Center Professional.

EXIN is an organization specialized in ICT education trained our engineers during several days. At the end of the course every engineer has to take an exam in order to obtain the title of CDCP.
We are delighted to announce every engineer passed the exam making them not only DataCenter Professionals by practice but also in theory.

EXIN Your ICT Competence Center
EXIN strives to help businesses and individuals reach success. As your ICT Competence Partner, we support lifelong learning. Because the world around us is changing constantly, we have to change the way we work, learn and develop ourselves. And that process influences again the world we are living in.

  JANUARY 2016


Datacenter United is the first Belgian datacenter services provider with the PCI DSS and CoA certificate.

You can rest assured that all financial data is in a secure environment. The certification covers colocation and physical security. If you want more information please don't hesitate to contact us.



Datacenter United is the first datacenter supplier obtaining the ISAE3402 report for both Antwerp and Brussels Datacenter.

With this certificate all clients can be guaranteed that the outsourcing of their IT equipment are in good hands. If you want more information or a brief overview of the report don't hesitate to contact us.


Datacenter United Cloud Connect

From today Datacenter United enables you to establish private connectivity with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS and your IT infrastructure directly from the datacenter. You will have the possibility to choose between a range of cloud providers, or to build and manage your own hybrid IT solution. With Cloud Connect from Datacenter United you will have the Cloud at your feet.

Summary of benefits can be found at this page.


Datacenter United team expanded

To support the continuous growth Datacenter United expanded his team with two first class people. The two senior site engineers will support the Antwerp and Brussels facilities. Welcome guys, time to rock and roll!


Disaster Recovery Seats expansion

We have 40 seats available at our Antwerp site and now expanding this with 20 extra seats at our Brussels site, bringing the total seats available to 60.

Plan your "Disaster Recovery Work Seats" now for your employees in case of fire or other disasters.

Follow this link for more information.


Datacenter Support Services

We are expanding our DC Support Services, not only do those services apply to our datacenters but those services can be applied to your datacenter to!

Following services are available:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.


Do you want more info ? Contact us now !

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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