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Need help moving your datacenter IT equipment? Need help moving your datacenter IT equipment?

Planning a datacenter migration or relocation is never easy. Relocating infrastructure that has been in place for several years, under multiple managers requires intense planning and flawless execution.

Even something seemingly simple, like moving servers from an IT closet to the server room, can wreak havoc on internal and external customers alike.

Whether you’re relocating two servers or two hundred, ... we can help.

DataCenter United is a great partner for planning and implementing a datacenter relocation. You can count on our experienced engineers to help from start to finish, making certain that everything is addressed ahead of time, from insurance to power up.

We can also help you determine if there are cost-saving alternatives to a relocation that can meet your needs.

Leave the preparation and details to us! Leave the preparation and details to us!

We know what to look for and what can cause issues. We carefully prep your datacenter for shutdown, de-installation, complete shipping logistics, along with installation and power up at your new location.

We can take care of the relocation entirely or work with your team on specific tasks where you'd like additional support.


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