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Containerized datacenters Containerized datacenters

The need for Containerized solutions evolved with the request for additional capacity and faster deployment. In 6 – 8 weeks, the CDC offers performance configurations optimized for Power and Density allowing you to adapt the capacity of your physical infrastructure.

Whether confronted with relocation, expansion, down-sizing short term or an ageing datacenter infrastructure in need of replacement or a mission critical business center in distress ( fire, floods, other disasters ... ) several scenarios can point to the need for a containerized datacenter solution.

Containerized Datacenters are suited for applications with specific requirements such as extreme temperatures ranging from – 20 C° to 45 C°, environmental issues i.e. desert conditions, remote locations i.e. oil platforms, conflict zones for military applications providing Tempest and or EMP protected solutions, mobile datacenters for temporary solutions, disaster recovery.

The Containerized Datacenter may also include ancillary systems such as access control, intrusion detection, fire detection and suppression, monitoring and control systems.

Containerized DC


Containerized DC

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