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What is the difference between a private and public cloud?

Posted on: 4th of September 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

There is a lot of discussion about what exactly is the difference between a private or a public cloud. In this blog we try to name both terms and indicate the most important differences.

What is a public cloud?

In a public cloud, different users share hardware and software from a third party that acts as a service provider. In concrete terms, this means that business data is placed and that the busi-ness processes take place via infrastructure that is shared by many parties. Within a public cloud there is usually nothing 'dedicated', everything is shared: computing power, storage capacity, ... Your use is only one part of a larger whole.
This sharing of infrastructure obviously means that you are also dependent on each other. When incidents occur for one party, this also has an impact on the other users.

A public cloud also creates greater challenges in terms of information security. Access to the public cloud can take place via different access points.

What is a private cloud ?

Within a private cloud, the infrastructure - hardware and software - is not shared between diffe-rent users. The entire infrastructure is set up for a single user or customer within a private cloud.

This infrastructure is exclusively for your organisation and is therefore not burdened by other users. There are no external influences on your environment. All settings are adjusted to your needs. A private cloud can be accessed via a private network connection, not via a public IP.

In terms of security, there are many more barriers to a private cloud before unauthorised persons can gain access to your data.If you want to realise a private cloud with your own hardware, data centre solutions offer a lot of possibilities. Read more about the colocation of servers here.

What is a hybrid cloud?

Many companies work with a hybrid cloud. For example, they have a public cloud for their mail traffic via Office365. For critical business processes such as SAP or the HR software, the organisa-tion uses a private cloud.

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