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Data centres and GDPR, the ideal combination

Posted on: 15th of January 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) revolves around the meticulous handling of data. This regulation consists of numerous criteria and requirements which must be fulfilled by companies and governments for the purpose of protecting privacy-sensitive data. Companies often instinctively think that having their own server room is ‘more secure’. This way they keep their data on-premise. But, in fact, on-premise servers are by no means an assurance of security. Only when you choose a professional data centre with an ISO 27001 certificate can you be 100% certain that you have taken the correct preventive measures.

The GDPR has an enormous impact on the way in which companies are required to handle privacy-sensitive data. A company will not immediately face serious financial consequences as the result of an information leak. Although companies will, in the near future, have to ask themselves a number of critical questions. Is our data well-structured and can it be classified? Do we know which data are confidential and contain privacy-sensitive data? Who has access to our data? Where are our data physically located? Who is responsible for communication in case of a data leak and with whom?

On-premise server rooms
Nowadays, more than 75% of data is still located on servers or computers in a company or institution's own server room. Some companies must make do with poorly equipped IT rooms, while others have state-of-the-art server rooms. Unfortunately, regardless of the situation, we see that safety certification in virtually all of these locations is not up to scratch.

External data centre
Only when the data are stored externally in a professionally run data centre which has the required ISO 27001 certifications can you rest assured that your information is secure. This certificate is your assurance that a data centre has appropriately secured infrastructure and has worked out all of the requisite procedures for the prevention of data leaks and for correctly responding should an incident occur.

GDPR chain safeguarded
You will have already completely safeguarded a majority of the GDPR chain simply by choosing the right data centre. That way, you can concentrate fully on the core of your business.

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