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What additional services can you expect from an external data centre?

Posted on: 15th of February 2019
Written by: Friso Haringsma

An external data centre is not only a secure and reliable option for the collocation of your servers and associated storage capacity. Most data centres – and certainly the two data centres of Datacenter United – offer a wide range of additional related services. We have summed up the most important services in this blog for your convenience. Read more...

Key reasons to outsource your company data.

Posted on: 10th of January 2019
Written by: Friso Haringsma

Would your rather keep your data centre on-site or collocate your servers in a remote location? Many companies struggle with this question. In this blog, we give you two important reasons why you should outsource your business data: security and risk reduction. Read more...

What would happen if your office burns down or your buildings become unavailable?

Posted on: 6th of December 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

Only a handful of businesses have a backup plan for when disaster strikes. If your office suddenly becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events, such as a fire or strike, there are so-called disaster recovery workplaces that you can use. When you partner with Datacenter United, you have the option to divert to our recovery centre and be up and running in as little as four hours. Read more...

Why using multiple data centres makes sense

Posted on: 5th of November 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

If you have a choice, we recommend storing your servers and data in two external data centres instead of one. In this blog, we explain why using multiple data centres make sense. Read more...

Five advantages of data centre outsourcing.

Posted on: 4th of October 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

Many companies are faced with the same dilemma: should we opt for an external data centre or keep our servers on-site? In this blog we present five advantages of outsourcing IT systems to an external data centre. Read more...

What is the difference between a private and public cloud?

Posted on: 4th of September 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

There is a lot of discussion about what exactly is the difference between a private or a public cloud. In this blog we try to name both terms and indicate the most important differences. Read more...

Save on telecom costs by choosing the right external data centre.

Posted on: 5th of July 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

If you opt for an independent, external data centre instead of an on-site server room or a data centre that is tied to a particular network provider or software vendor, you can save significantly on telecom costs. Depending on your network provider, you can benefit from high bandwidths at minimum cost. This blog explains how and why. Read more...

Looking for a suitable data centre? Choose a solution in Belgium.

Posted on: 27th of June 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

Companies considering the cloud or an external data centre tend to look far beyond the own borders for a solution. Data centres in the US or Asia are glorified, while local or regional solutions are often overlooked. And that’s too bad, because Belgian data centres have many advantages. Below we have summed up the benefits of independent, Belgian data centres. Read more...

Choosing between an on-site server room or outsourcing to a data centre

Posted on: 28th of May 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

Many companies are faced with the same dilemma: should we invest in an on-site server room or buy data centre services? If you opt for the right, independent, carrier-neutral data centre, then outsourcing is always the best option. This blog lists the most important benefits of an external data centre versus investing in and maintaining an on-site server room. Read more...

The ultimate checklist for selecting a reliable data centre

Posted on: 29th of March 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

If you decide make use of an external data centre instead of having an on-site server room, it is extremely important that you choose the right data centre for your business. In this blog we have listed four crucial factors to consider to help you make the right choice. Read more...

Data centres are absolutely essential in our digital economy

Posted on: 13th of February 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

The importance of external data centres is growing in our digital economy. Before, every company or government invested heavily in its own server rooms. Today, these same entities make strategic choices for a private, public or hybrid cloud in an external data centre. Therefore, data centres play a vital role in the performance and availability of digital processes but also, without a doubt, in data security and privacy. Therefore, the choice of an external data centre, with which you form a cooperative relationship, is all the more important. After all, what do you know about your external data centre (or data centres)? Where are your critical data stored? Read more...

Data centres and GDPR, the ideal combination

Posted on: 15th of January 2018
Written by: Friso Haringsma

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) revolves around the meticulous handling of data. This regulation consists of numerous criteria and requirements which must be fulfilled by companies and governments for the purpose of protecting privacy-sensitive data. Companies often instinctively think that having their own server room is ‘more secure’. This way they keep their data on-premise. But, in fact, on-premise servers are by no means an assurance of security. Only when you choose a professional data centre with an ISO 27001 certificate can you be 100% certain that you have taken the correct preventive measures. Read more...

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