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Audit and optimalisation Audit and optimalisation

Do you really know how well your mission critical datacenter is performing? Is your datacenter design up to date and operating at peak efficiency? And when is the last time you had a complete security audit or implemented state-of-the-art disaster recovery planning?

If you are unsure of the answers to any of these questions, then your vital business processes may be at risk.

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Datacenter United Audit and Optimalisation program evaluates and compares your infrastructure, IT devices, operations and services against top industry best practices, and identifies your overall risks and capacity challenges by providing the best datacenter team including Engineers, Project Managers and our experts in world class standards.

What we provide What we provide?

We will provide you with a comprehensive report summarizing findings and observations. It will also determine how your datacenter operates in terms of compliance with industry best practices and also provides a comprehensive recommendation and improvement plan to help you on your further decision.

Our audit program will come up with few lists covering all problems, deficiencies, critical and normal issues through a list of recommendations.

Our datacenter audit program looks at the following:

  • Environmental features, site, and facilities
  • Network reliability
  • Security audit and compliance
  • Operational procedures
  • And more...
Datacenter Auditing Reduces Costs Auditing Reduces Costs

Our datacenter auditing service can significantly reduce the operational costs of maintaining your datacenter. Environmental expenses such as cooling and power can be cut by improving energy efficiency.

A more flexible datacenter design can be leveraged to expand IT capacity in a highly cost-effective manner.

Datacenter Auditing Prepares for the Future Auditing Prepares for the Future

An essential part of our datacenter audit program is future planning. We are here to help you plan for the expansion of your business.

With capacity planning, your infrastructure and datacenter design will always be ahead of the curve so that nothing stands in the way of your company’s growth.


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